The avenue begins its magic on Paseo del Carmen, (eight blocks from the house, 12 min walk) a small square located at 10th Avenue and Calle 1 Sur and communicates with the fifth through alley with good places for coffee, tea or buy clothes from the trademarks or designer clothing. It is also an excellent place to escape from the heat, because its atmosphere is usually fresh by sources and shade trees.

A little later in the Paseo del Carmen Plaza, is the founders park and the chapel of Our Lady of Carmen, a very familiar and quiet place with ample beach.

At the intersection with Fifth av. Twelve is the soul of Playa night, a street full of clubs, bars, restaurants and shows. A huge range of entertainment for young people-aged or stored here, from small bars to make electronic music or mezcal clubs with two or three floors for dancing and consummate a night of adrenaline.

The fifth hike can be extended to about 46 Avenue, where commercial activity is becoming smaller. Do not be surprised to find eagle warriors on the journey or running into several mariachi bands, cigar shops or even really a big presence in Argentina and Italian food, two communities that have made Beach home, the surprises are many, even Playenses for whom it is not difficult with something new and interesting.

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